Welcome to the Creation of Tiara King

Tiara is a woman who refuses to be put into a box, let alone a niche, and is always living outside of that box, regardless of its shape. She also doesn’t suffer fools, or from imposter syndrome.

Tiara writes the books she was meant to write, publishing them under her own imprint, and wears the fashion she was born to wear, topping it off with vibrant flourishes of sparkling jewels.

Tiara loves having real conversations without the PC bullshit and won't tolerate being dictated to, or attacked for disagreeing and having her own opinion.

Tiara's a stylish creative living life as a maverick, one obsession, one piece of jewellery, and one crystal covered kaftan at a time!

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As an Author

& Publisher

In 2017 Tiara founded her own publishing house, Royal Star Publishing, to accommodate her multiple author personalities, imprints, books, genres, and publishing needs.

She writes non-fiction and middle-grade stories as Tiara King, sexy, sassy, kick-ass romances as L.J. Diva, and paranormal with a light twist of supernatural horror young adult stories she calls "crocktales" as T.K. Wrathbone.
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As a Designer

& Stylist

Tiara has been creating jewellery since 1990 and turned her obsessive love for it into her own label, Jewel Divas, in 2008.

She creates amazing one of a kind jewelled clothing, is amassing a huge personal jewellery collection, and added Personal Stylist and Image Mastery and Personal Colour Analysis Theory to her repertoire through Academy of Professional Image style courses.

You can see her funky, creative fashion style, jewellery, and life, on her style blog, Jewel Divas Style.
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